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Thirumooleeswarar Traditional Tamil Siddha, Varma Treatment & Training Center

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The waste normally produced in our body, when not properly eliminated stagnates in the body. This stagnation is called disease. The improper function of the 12 vital organs in our body constitutes stagnation. The waste is eliminated by identifying the deficient organ, the Acu point is treated in the concern energy meridian of the organ and health is regained. Acupuncture is a wonderful system that works in harmony with nature. There is no need to take blood, urine tests, no requirement for scan, x-ray, etc. Chemicals like Drugs, medicines and tonics are not necessary. In Acupuncture, either in the beginning or in the later stage the disease gets cure completely.

This Chinese system, which is more than 5000 years old, is in practice thousands of years now. In the beginning of 20th century, Acupuncture spread to America, Japan, Ceylon, etc. and was commercialized. Acupuncture was welcomed, as against modern medicine that gave numerous side effects. Multinational companies started selling their products using this system. Electric simulators, using multi-needling, giving supportive foods, etc. for treatment are the outcomes of commercialization of Acupuncture. In the year 1984, when Dr. Fazlur Rahman MBBS., MD., DV., PhD.(Acu)., (father of Indian Acupuncture) also one of the ‘Dr. Brothers’, introduced the Acupuncture with complete Pulse Diagnosis in Tamilnadu. By giving treatment to millions of patients rediscovered acupuncture. Yes...the rise of Indian Acupuncture!





We Provide Free Treatment For Mental Disorder Children & Orthopedic Handicapped Poor Children

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